SPY Platoon Shiny Black w/Yellow Contact

Varenummer: 192012038834

Spy Platoon er en passe stor goggles med patentert ventilasjonssystem for best mulig luftsirkulasjon slik at snøbrillen ikke dogger. Lettere bueformet dual-linse med anti-foggir optimal gjengivelse av terrenget uten forvridning, i tillegg til anti-scratch beskyttelse mot støt og riper. Trelags, ergonomisk ansiktspolstring med mykt fleecelag gir optimal komfort og beskyttelse mot fuktighet. 100 % UV-beskyttelse. Tilpasset vinterhjelm. Justerbar stropp med silikon på innsiden slik at gogglesen ikke sklir ned.

An artist as skilled with a spray can as he is with a paint brush; Saber picks up the piece where SPY and The Seventh Letter (TSL) left off. Decked out with Saber's trademark characters, the SPY + TSL + SABER Platoon oozes his trademark graffiti style on both the inside and outside of the goggle strap and frame, and flashes his signature tag on the lens. 


  • Built from flexible polyurethane 
  • Features the Scoop® ventilation system 
  • Anti-fog 5.5-base ARC® spherical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection 
  • Free premium bonus lens 
  • Triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece 
  • Silicone-ribbed strap 
  • 100% UV protection 
  • Helmet compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet.


SPY Platoon Replacement Lens, Clear Contact

Replacement Lens for SPY Platoon. Night shredding requires clear lenses that shield your eyes from wind and chill while allowing full vision under the bright lights.

Spy Platoon Replacement Lens, Yellow Contact

Spy Platoon Replacement lens for flat conditions. No sun, no problem. Specially tuned lenses with increased contrast that aid visibility in your quest for powder on grey days.

NB! Color difference between picture and actual product may occur.