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Revelate Viscacha Seat Bag, Black

Varenummer: BG2672

The big bag for big trips, the Viscacha (vis-KA-cha) does it all. This is *the* go-to seat bag for big adventures! Proven time after time in the longest and hardest endurance events on the planet, be it dirt, snow or pavement.

Dimension Polyant 200 denier fabric with reinforcements. Plastic HD bottom sheet High density foam inserts. Removable internal compression strap Dual seatpost anti-slip straps Coated webbing saddle attachment.

The roll down opening allows the bag to easily expand or compress in volume. A removable internal compression strap aids in packing and closure,  seat post gripper wrap attachments. High density foam stiffens up the front and a flexable plastic bottom sheet gives support along the bags length. Dual position saddle strap allows for proper fore-aft positioning depending on where your saddle rails are clamped to post. Carbon seatpost friendly.

Weight:  13.8 oz
Volume: 6- 14 L
Color Choices: Black

You need a minimum of 8" clearance from saddle rails to top of tire. Minimum length of exposed seat post is 5". 
This is a big seat bag - Check tire clearance prior to use to prevent bag damage or worse. Fully compress full suspension frames and check tire clearance prior to use.

Using Thudbuster post? Read this link