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TSG Tahoe D3O Kneeguard

Full-coverage knee guard in a pre-shaped sleeve with a true anti-slip fit. The removable soft D3O impact-pad adapts to your body and offers high-performance shock absorption. Covered with a removable, elastic, pierce-proof insert for superior protection. The pro choice for every action-sport athlete.

TSG kneeguard task A 2.0, Black

The Kneeguard Task A 2.0 comes with an extra-long, full coverage knee pad made of intelligent Arti-Lage for advanced impact protection. A pierce-proof insert keeps sharp objects like rocks, splintered branches or screw tips from penetrating the foam. A long greave covers your vulnerable shins; it can be detached to convert it easily from knee/shin to knee-only protection.

Troy Lee Designs Speed Knee Sleeve, Black

Lei av klumpete knebeskyttere som kommer i konflikt med shortsen din, eller ikke får plass under buksa? Superkomfortable D3O kne sleeves som enkelt kan dras av og på. Silikonstriper på innsiden sørger for at knebeskytteren holder seg på plass. og gir riktig beskyttelse ved eventuelle sammenstøt/slag mot kneet.

Troy Lee Designs T-Bone Knee Guard, Black

A mountain bike knee guard with multi-layer padding. Nylon-covered EVA outer knee shell, silicone grippers and two stretchy hook-and-loop straps keep the pads in-place. Flexible sleeve reduces restriction while pedaling or leaning into turns.