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Karakoram Prime Connect

Varenummer: 50057F1S-50057F3S

Bindingene kommer med split interface for montering på splitboard.


Connect with Performance
Active Joining Technology spring loads the Prime Connect bindings to your snowboard, giving you instantaneous response for arcing carves or navigating the burliest terrain without sacrificing feel, comfort or flex.

Connect to your Quiver
Expand your board quiver and transfer your bindings from board to board in seconds. Comes standard with two sets of Quiver-Connectors.

Connect to the Backcountry
Your gateway to backcountry exploration. Add the split kit to mount Prime Connects to your splitboard without any loss in riding performance.

Connect Anywhere
Travelling with your quiver just got a lot easier. Save space in your board bag and Connect to your board of choice, split or solid, in seconds.

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