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Weston Backwoods Splitboard

Varenummer: 2633-2639

The Backwoods splitboard excels in tight trees to steep, open bowls and is hailed as one of the best splitboards created for it’s versatility in a freeride setting. Featuring a pow centric, Directional Multi Radial Camber-Rocker profile with a wide nose, narrow tail, Rugged Topsheet, Electra Sintered Base, and our Slayer Wood Core - the Backwoods floats effortlessly in powder, is nimble in tight trees, is stiff enough to hold an edge through crud, and is fast enough to keep you on top all day long. Add in our Split Tech for the uphills and you’ll have optimum skin traction, edge-hold and ease of kick-turns.

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  • Terrain: Powder, Freeride
  • Snowboarder Ability Level: Advanced
  • Splitboard Rocker Type: Camber-Rocker
  • Splitboard Shape: Directional
  • Splitboard Flex: Medium
  • Graphic: John Fellows @jfellows56

Slayer Wood Core
This is our bamboo/poplar splitboard core. It's designed to be energetic and damp.

Rugged Topsheet
Polymide is eco-friendly and made from castor beans. The topsheet is durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Directional Multi-Radial Camber Rocker
A gradual increase from the nose to a more aggressive camber radius in the tail provides better pop/dampening on drops and control on bigger lines while reverse camber in the tip and tail help to keep you afloat.
Split Tech - We don’t skimp on our splitboards. You’ll see a full inner metal edge, complete with sidewall and dampening tape. Also, when facing a kickturn on a steep slope, you want all the help you can get - that’s why we balance our splitboards so that they are tail heavy.

Karakoram Ultra Clips
Ultra Clips deliver unmatched compression between board halves and they are adjustable so you can maintain even compression as your splitboard ages.

Boltless Bases
By using fine threaded bolts we were able to provide a smooth finish to our bases for easier tuning and greater speed.

Forged Tips
Stainless steel metal tip and tail pieces protect from damage and increase durability.

Rooted Inserts
Just like roots help keep a plant grounded, flax reinforcement in areas of the core help increase strength and durability.

Tip to Tail Carbon
Carbon fiber runs through the entire core from tip to tail to provide added pop and response.

Electra Sintered Base
Carbon additives distribute static friction across the base, creating a more even film of water to glide on and our fastest base.

Tri-Axe Glass
Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that offers a precise and responsive ride in any terrain or snow conditions.

UHMW PE Sidewalls
Highly durable sidewall that protects the splitboard's core from impact and increases torsional stability.

Stitched Tips
Our tip and tail spacers are stitched to the core to provide added durability.

1% For the Planet - 1% of our total sales goes to offset our carbon footprint and donate substantially to the National Forest Foundation.

As backcountry snowboarders first and foremost, we have a unique appreciation for our public lands. We thrive when we're out in the deep snow, between towering trees or jagged peaks. It's in these wild places that we find peace and inspiration. It's our break from a hectic world and is one of the rare opportunities that we still have to explore and find something new. We worked with local artist John Fellows to help capture one of those moments for us. There isn't much that beats a full moon shred in the backcountry under starlight skies and waist-deep snow. For that reason, 10% of profits from the backwoods splitboard are donated to the National Forest Foundation to support our National Forests.

Weston Camo Trucker Hat, Snapback

Westons egen go-to trucker caps. Blir fort favoritten til alle som har den på. Capsen er lett og pustende og dermed perfekt for skinning, hiking eller bare cruise rundt i bydga/byen.