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Vee Rubber V8 26 x 4.0 120 tpi folding, Black

Veerubbers V8 er en moderne tvist på en gammel klassiker. Dette dekket gir deg ekstra fart pga lav rullemotstand uten å ofre grepet i ulendt terreng. Vi anbefaler dette dekket på medium til hardt underlag.

Vee Tire Bulldozer 27.5 x 3.0 120TPI, Silica

The Bulldozer plows through any terrain you can challenge. Center tread knobs are shaped to grip hard and keep you on the trail. Built for the most demanding fatbike riders, the Bulldozer,s aggressive side and transition knobs keep you upright and provide excellent grip in the corners.

Vee Tire Snowshoe 2XL 26 x 5.05 120TPI folding, Black

Snow Shoe 2XL the first bicycle tire with a width over 5 inches-available in 26×5.05. Inspired by the floating sensation of an actual snowshoe, the Snowshoe 2XL is currently the largest FatBike tire in the market. The exaggerated tread features aggressive knobs and deep patterns for increased traction and cornering, no matter what the tire pressure.

Vee Tire Snowshoe XL 26 x 4.8 Silicia, Black

The Snowshoe XL is one only studded tires available in the fat tire market today. The studdable version features 240 carbide-tip studs that dig in for incomparable traction on ice and snow. This fat bike tire adds float, stability and balance to you ride, while the specialty tread grips and holds in loose terrain,making both the studdable and non-studdable models the superior choice for all weather terrain.