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TSG Tahoe D3O Kneeguard

Varenummer: 7101230102-7101260102

Full-coverage knee guard in a pre-shaped sleeve with a true anti-slip fit. The removable soft D3O impact-pad adapts to your body and offers high-performance shock absorption. Covered with a removable, elastic, pierce-proof insert for superior protection. The pro choice for every action-sport athlete.


TSG are using the newest generation of D3O® impact foam of the British market leader in shock absorbing materials. D3O is a soft and flexible shock absorbing foam, which boasts unique molecular properties. Under ordinary conditions its molecules flow freely, but upon impact, they lock together to produce an instantaneously stiffer foam which in turn absorbs more impact energy and greatly reduces force transmission.

TSG`s pre-shaped body protection comes with a pre-bended articulated design for unrestricting wearing comfort and superior fit.

TSG bring down-slipping pads to an end. The solution is our custom Horseshoe shape that greatly surrounds knees/elbows/shoulders. The inside foam pad is compression-molded with a raised top part that perfectly sits around your protected body part. This shape minimizes shifting and down-sliding to keep your pad in place during action

The strap wraps around the whole leg offering superior fit adjustment, wearing comfort and protection.

On top of your soft impact-pad sits a small pierce-proof insert. It prevents crushed rocks or other sharp objects from penetrating the shock-absorbing foam. But don’t worry; due to its special thin and flexible design it doesn’t stiffen your soft pad. If your guard comes with a removable soft pad you could remove the insert by extracting the foam pad through the pierced inner middle hole, open the Velcro, remove the insert and reinsert the foam.

TSG`s Pull-Over designed knee and elbow pads might be a bit more complex to take on and off but provide you with a more secure and shift-free fit.

A NBR stripe at the inner top of the pad supports an anti-slip fit, keeping the pad in place during action.

Additional impact padding panels at the sides, inside and/or outside knees/ elbows for increased safety and added cushioning during spins or side slides.

Hard-wearing, stretchable fabric cover over cap or foam. Supports soft sliding and prevents abrupt stops at impact that may provoke compressions.



  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes

S: Top Circ. 34-38 cm / 13.5-15 in. Bottom Circ. 32-34 cm / 12.5-13.5 in
M: Top Circ. 38-42 cm / 15-16.5 in. Bottom Circ. 34-36 cm / 13.5-14.5 in
Top Circ. 40-44 cm / 15.5-17 in. Bottom Circ. 36-38 cm / 14.5-15 in
XL:  Top Circ. 44-48 cm / 17-19 in. Bottom Circ. 38-40 cm / 15-15.5 in

  • Material
  • Polyethylene shell, NBR, Neoprene laminated Nylon, PE foam, Velvet laminated with foam, 3D mesh, NL-9751 Kevlar, velvet, elastic straps
  • Safety Standard: Critt 0501
  • Weight: 540 g

TSG Elbow Sleeve 2nd Skin D3O, Black

The 2nd Skin Elbow-Sleeves are the best choice for riders looking for light and handy guards on mellow freeride trips. These Lycra sleeves comes with a soft but reliable D3O impact pad. A pierce-proof insert prevents crushed rocks from penetrating the foam. Easy-slide kevlar cap-coverage prevents abrupt stops

TSG Elbowguard Tahoe 2.0 D3O, Black

Full-coverage elbow guard in a pre-shaped sleeve with a true anti-slip fit. The soft D3O impact-pad adapts to the body and and offers high performance shock absorption. Covered with an elastic pierce-proof insert for superior protection. Perfect for tough dirt rides and fun freeride trips. The 2016 version features new lateral Flex Zones for improved flexibility and ventilation.