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Problem Solvers Fender Flute, fit fender on tall fork

Kjekk sak fra Problemsolvers som enkelt senker skjermen din ned for fronthjuler dersom gaffelen din er veldig høy i forhold til dekket.

Problem Solvers Fender Nuts 13mm/10mm, Silver

Mounting fenders to bikes with road calipers is a real pain in the arse. Fickle creatures, the calipers become difficult to adjust once the fenders' tab is stuck on the backside. Enter the late Sheldon Brown. One of Problem Solvers true heroes, Sheldon, gave the idea for their cleverly named Sheldon fender nut. Basically, the Sheldon nut replaces your caliper's brake nut, but also contains threads for standard M6 bolts. This allows you to install and remove the fenders without messing with your brakes. Sold as a set, 10mm rear and 13mm front.