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Mondraker Rotor Magnet Speed Sensor Bosch

Speedsensor-magnet til Mondraker el-sykler med Bosch-motor.

Surly Tuggnut Tensioner

Tuggnut chain tensioners are compatible with many horizontal dropouts, designed to keep your rear wheel in place. Tool-free adjustment thumbscrew, and two axle holes offer a wide range of positions. Includes QR adaptor washer.

Surly rimstrip Rolling Darryl, White

Surly Rim Strip for Surlys Rolling Darryl-rim. Fits: 82mm rims. Width: 64mm. Colour: White. 1 pack. Surly produce PVC rimstrips for their Marge Lite, Rolling Darryl, Clown Shoe and Rabbit Hole rims. Choose from red, white, blue, orange and good old black. All are sold singly.