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Surly Merino Short Sleeve Shirt

Varenummer: JT1521USA-JT1524USA

Veil.pris: 899,-

Praktisk kortermet lettvekts ulltrøye/jakke i 100% merino fra Surly. Merino-ull gir også god luftsirkulasjon i varmere vær. Lav krage med lettvekts glidelås for å unngå slark i materialet. Stor lomme på ryggen med glidelåsåpning fra begge sider for enkel og rask tilgang.


Surly`s cycling jerseys are designed and constructed to be your favorite jersey. They’re made of soft, comfortable Merino wool. Wool has long been used in cycling clothes and other active wear due to its excellent properties of moisture control, and remains competitive with other fabrics because nothing else offers quite the same high-end balance of benefits.

Surly`s short and long sleeve jerseys feature easy-on/easy-off full length zippers, raglan sleeves and generous cuts for comfort and range of motion, and a large pocket with a zippered opening on each side with non-stretch tape on the back seams for increased pocket support.

Surly`s short sleeve jerseys are made of a light weight fabric to allow good air flow in warmer weather. The collar is low and Surly`s used a light-weight zipper to reduce sag with the light material. They are 100% Merino wool, and machine washable on the gentle cycle, though handwashing them is always your best bet.


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