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Surly ExtraTerrestrial 29 x 2.5 60tpi Plus, Black

Varenummer: TR0802

A 29” version of Surlys high-volume, heavy-duty, off-road touring, set-it-and-forget-it ExtraTerrestrial tread. Like its 26” counterpart, it was designed to shine on hard pack surfaces and features an extremely low-profile, directional tread pattern that offers tons of traction with hardly any rolling resistance. With a nylon breaker in the sidewalls for cut protection, a molded pattern for anti-cut propagation, and a Kevlar cap under the tread, ET gives you more flat protection than you ever thought possible. Available in 29 x 2.5” in 60tpi.


Bead Seat Diameter: 622mm
Rim Width: 19mm – 50mm outer dimensions
Casing: 60tpi, tubeless-ready bead

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