SPY MX Foundation Plus Classic Orange, HD Smoke w/Red Spectra + HD Clear AFP

Varenummer: 323506979856

La oss legge ballen død en gang for alle. Motorsport har vært en del av SPY Optic i 25 år. For å bevise poenget, introduserer SPY nå Foundation, brilleprodusentens aller siste badass-tilskudd til MX-linja si. Foundation er utviklet i samarbeid med topputøvere innen sporten, og viser i dobbel forstand SPY sitt engasjement i motocross med det bredeste synsfeltet du har sett på en crossbrille.


  • The widest peripheral view on the market
  • High Definition (HD) Lexan® lens provides sharper and more accurate vision in all lighting conditions while reducing distortion in the peripheral areas
  • Comes with an installed Spectra™ lens and bonus clear lens with posts
  • RISE™+ ventilation system utilizes the Venturi effect to draw air through subframe vents above the goggle and in-between your helmet, creating a vacuum that pulls hot air from behind the lens
  • 45mm roll-off system
  • Triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force™ fleece is facially contoured to provide a comfortable, dry seal that lasts so long it makes other goggles jealous
  • Spoiler-style outriggers keep tear-offs lying flat while providing a tight and secure fit to the face, even when wearing a helmet
  • Extra-wide 45MM silicone-ribbed strap stops goggle slipping and shifting on whoops, jumps, and rhythm sections
  • Includes a free removable nose guard and 10-pack of tear-offs