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Powell Peralta Cab Dragon One Off Assembly, 7.75 x 31.75

After placing 3rd overall in the Gold Cup Series and voted `Rookie of the Year` In 1980, Steve Caballero had proven he was ready for a pro signature model of his own. He was initially offered a simple propeller/skull nose-art graphic but rejected it. Steve submitted some sketches of his own for consideration, one of which was a crouching dragon, and that's the direction they pursued. Artist VCJ reworked the design a couple times before laying down the final ink. The deck was first released in December 1980 and the graphic was so well received it wasn`t replaced until 1986.

Powell Peralta Micro Mini Ripper Complete 7.5 x 24, Blue

Complete skateboard assembly that`s ready to roll out of the box. The Mini`s are scaled down versions of classic Powell Peralta decks. Perfect for the beginner, yet offers durable, quality components that even an accomplished skater would love.

Powell Peralta Mini Cab Dragon Assembly, 8 x 29.5

After placing 3rd overall in the Gold Cup Series and voted

Powell Peralta Ripper One Off Assembly 7 x 28

Arguably the most iconic skateboard graphic of all time, The Ripper was illustrated in 1983 by legendary Powell-Peralta artist V.C. Johnson. Originally the graphic was used as a "Bones Sold Here" dealer window sticker. Next, the artwork found it's way onto t-shirts and eventually decks. The Ripper graphic has stood the test of time and has been a staple of the Powell-Peralta line for over 30 years.