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Jones Higher R.A.S 30L, Black/Red

Higher 30L R.A.S. Backpack is ideal for all-day touring In avalanche prone Terrain. Jeremy Jones designed the 30L RAS to be his ultimate backcountry snowboarding pack. It has all the features of the 30L pack plus the pockets that hold the MAMMUT Removable Airbag 3.0 system. The Removable Airbag 3.0 system allows you to use the pack with or without the airbag installed and utilizes compressed air instead of nitrogen so you can deploy the bag before a plane trip and then easily refill the canister at your destination (North American Canister Only).

New For 2018, the HIGHER 30L RAS is built with lighter weight fabric and we eliminated excess material in the shoulder straps and hip belt for a more streamlined fit.

Removable Airbag 3.0 system and canister sold separately by MAMMUT.


Jones Snowboards Deeper 18L, Black/Blue

Ideal for side country and quick tours.

As more and more resorts open the backcountry boundaries it can be rad to ride with a small pack all-day, inbounds or out. The 18L pack is the perfect size for the bare essentials - avy tools, water, snacks and a layer - and it`s streamlined profile keeps your center of gravity tight.

Rugged side and vertical board carry straps lock the board to your back when bootpacking, which is probably the only time you?ll notice the 18L pack on your shoulders. The DEEPER 18L is built with all recycled fabrics and features a stow-able front panel helmet holder, reflective strap accents and a removable safety whistle.

New for 2017, the chest strap has a wider adjustment range for improved Women`s fit.


Jones Snowboards Higher Backpack 30L, Black/Red

Ideal for all day backcountry touring.

Mixed weather, climbing gear, cameras - there`s always a reason another `something` gets thrown in your pack before you leave the trailhead. The 30L is the perfect pack for big objectives when you gotta bring the full kit.

It`s bigger in the right spots as a separate avy tool pocket, dual hip pockets, stow-able helmet holder and a back panel zipper to the main compartment provide ample storage and easy access to your gear.

Despite the larger volume, the 30L pack is efficiently designed and the thermo-molded back panel and shoulder straps provide a comfortable, ergonomic fit.

New for 2017, the chest strap has a wider adjustment range for improved Women`s fit.