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Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 1:2

Varenummer: BR3341

Problem Solvers makes two different Cable Doublers. This one allows you to control two brakes with just one lever. Why? Well, there are myriad applications: cyclocross, fixies, tandems, bike polo, tricycles, recumbents, cycles for those with special needs, those four-person bikes you see on beach boulevards, and so on. You could even link them both together for ultimate redundancy!


  • Machined and anodized aluminum tube with Teflon coating ensures low friction
  • Setup requires three standard brake cables, two of which must be road cables
  • Product dimensions: 81mm long x 18mm diameter

Problem Solvers Travel Agent w/adjustable barrel, Black

Problem Solvers Travel Agent w/adjustable barrel Cantilever, road dropbar, Shimano STI or Campagnolo Ergo levers Linear-pull.

The Travel Agent can perform a couple of different tasks; adjusting cable pull or serving as a roller to work around tight frame geometries. For cable pull changes, the Travel Agent makes a short cable pull lever work with a long cable pull caliper. This allows you to mix road, mountain and 'cross brakes and brake levers. Instead of buying new levers or brakes, just install a Travel Agent and you're good to go! To use Problem Solvers Travel Agent as a friction reducing roller simply route the cable on the outer edge of the wheel and it is smooth sailing for your brakes around tight bends.