Powell Peralta McGill OG Skull and Snake Deck 10 x 30.125, Pink


About the artwork: While McGill was at summer camp in Sweden inventing the McTwist, Court was working on a replacement graphic for Mike's F-14 Jet Fighter. Since the Tony Hawk skull was proving to be a popular one, the skull theme was once again pursued. VCJ consulted McGill on additional elements to add to the design, to make it more personalized for him. Mike, hailing from Florida, suggested the snake and lightning bolts as there are plenty of both there.


  • Release Date: Summer, 1984
  • Artist: VCJ
  • OG Pink deck color
  • OG Trucks Holes and Wheel Wells


UPC 842357105157
Brand Powell-Peralta
Deck Shape 160
Deck Concave SP3
Deck Wheelbase 16.625"
Deck Length 30.125"
Deck Width 10"
Deck Nose 2.5"
Deck Tail 6"