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Mozartt Meno Carbon, Black

Mozartt Meno was created for those who likes to travel with a narrow-wide chain ring. You like tech talk? Our carbon fibers are about 5-10 µm diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. For every tow, 3 000 of fibers are bundled together and woven into a fabric.

For each chain guide, we use over 50 layers of fabric, which are filled with resin, heated and pressed to get maximum stiffness, high tensile strength and low weight. If the sheet is ready, we use high precision CNC machines to shape the back plate of bash guard, to be sure we will produce the lightest and most durable chainring protection on the market. The bash guard could be easy removed just with one tool in case on an emergency on the track.

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Mozartt Piano HDM, Black

After the narrow-wide revolution matched the clutch system shifters, there were rumors that the chainguide era is over. Innovations known by the worlds best racers were officially affordable to the average Joes who don`t need that extra safety during weekend rides, right?

Well, after many post ride talks with the actual users of the new systems, we knew they are not enough. That`s how we came up with Piano chainguide that matches front shifter mounts!

With slim design and race ready guide, Piano practically covers up to 100 percent of the fall issues from the top of the chainring.


Mozartt Presto ISCG05, Black

Presto is the new kid on the block! It was developed as the successor of our popular model Storm. The assumption of the project was to use the finest available technologies, to design one of the most reliable chain guides on the market.

The project itself as well as the prototypes were made with a strong influence of our best team riders, Darren Berrecloth, Szymon Godziek and Vincent Tupin. Despite the fact that the chain guide is about 20 grams lighter than the Storm, its stiffness was increased by 30 percent!

It was possible thanks to the thicker backplate, which is drilled from just one piece of the aluminum 7075 T651. We also used a special hollowed bash guard but don`t fear it, it is 1,5 time stronger than the previous one! Inside of the bash guard we used a special ribs system, which absorbs all the the hits and impacts.

On the other hand, the surface is silky smooth without any holes or indents. Why? You will see the difference on the muddy tracks! All the dirty stuff won`t stick to the sleek surface so the weight of the whole system won`t increase much even during the rainy days!


Mozartt Presto Steel, Black

The new Presto steel is a budget version of our top product mozartt Presto. The chain guides uses the same guide plates technology, but the main difference is the backplate.

Presto Steel due to its name is made out of high quality steel. The new Presto Steel is a younger brother of our top chain guide- Mozartt Presto. Both of them uses the same guide plates technology, but the main difference is the backplate`s material.

Presto Steel as the name spoils is made out of the high quality steel. Perfect for those who prefers to save the money not grams.