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Surly MWOD Chainring set 22/36T

Surly Mr. Whirly Chainring set 22/36T. MWOD chainrings convert your Mr. Whirly crankset into an offset mountain double crank, allowing you to run extra wide rear tire and rim combinations (4.7˝ tires on 100mm rims, for example, or 82mm rims on your Pugsley) while avoiding chain-on-tire rub. MWOD rings move the granny and middle rings to the middle and outer positions of the crank, effectively increasing tire clearance at the chain without increasing your Q-factor and without losing your crawling gears. MWOD granny rings are stainless steel, the bigger rings are aluminum. The small ring bolts to the big ring, and the combo then bolts directly to the 58mm BCD mounting holes on Mr. Whirly cranks. They are also available in 20/33t.

Surly OD Enduro Bottom Bracket 100mm

Enduro-kranklager til Surly Moonlander og andre sykler med utenpåliggende kranklager og 100mm felg med 4,8 inches dekk. Dette kranklageret er ferdig spacet til Surly Moonlander. Har Surly Mr. Whirley-kranken skal du bruke dette kranklageret, men du bruker ikke spacerne som følger med det lageret du erstatter. 24mm splindles. Plug and Play!