Jones Snowboards Discovery Split

Varenummer: SJ180240-SJ180241

Kids are ripping harder than ever, but the quality of snowboards available in youth sizes has not kept pace. All the youth boards on the market are designed for the first time rider. The Prodigy and Discovery are the foundation of the Jones youth collection and both models shatter the paradigm that youth don?t need a high performance snowboard. All youth models feature the same top quality materials and offer the same groundbreaking performance as our full-size boards. These are boards for confident youth or small riders whose skills deserve a legit snowboard.

Discovery splitboard for serious backcountry and backcountry exploration, ideal for sidecountry and backcountry exploration. The Discovery splitboard is the world?s first splitboard designed for youth and small adults. This fully featured splitboard throws open the door for smaller riders to confidently ride advanced backcountry terrain on a legit high performance freeride board. Tech features on the Discovery like Progressive Sidecut allow for easy turn initiation, while the Blunt Nose and Directional Rocker profile keep any size rider cruising through the inevitably variable backcountry conditions. Full wrap recycled steel inner edges keep the Discovery locked in to the slope on icy skin tracks.


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