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Jones Snowboards Apollo Binding, Black

Varenummer: FJ200110-FJ200111

Snowboard-binding som er ideell for freeride i tekniske terreng og høy hastighet.

The Apollo binding is designed for the expert freerider who demands unmatched edge control, response and comfort. What sets the Apollo apart is the Jones’ exclusive Flax/Carbon Highback that blends the ECO-performance of Flax with the lightweight, torsional stiffness of Carbon. Matching the premium highback with NOW Skate Tech technology created a binding that will respond to your every muscle twitch with lightning fast accuracy. The Apollo can be set up in Surf mode or Freeride mode by switching bushings and swapping the Flip-It ankle straps. Surf mode offers maximum tweak-ability, Freeride mode offers maximum response.

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  • 3-D Toe straps EVA combo
  • Tool-less adjuster straps
  • Nylon, recycled carbon post
  • Buckles 2.0
  • Hanger 2.0 Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass
  • Highcup compatibility
  • Flushcup technology
  • 4x4 and EST disc included / 50%GF nylon
  • Weight: 897 grams
  • Lifetime Warranty (Baseplate)
  • Asym flax / carbon wide-back


Small = 36.5-40
Medium: 39-43.5
Large: 43-47

Jones bindings offer customizable dampening and response by switching between Surf Mode and Freeride Mode. Surf Mode lets you tweak harder, while Freeride Mode keeps you locked in for maximum response. Switch modes by changing the bushings from soft (Surf Mode) to hard (Freeride Mode) and adjusting the Flip-It ankle straps. The Flip-It strap allows you to interchange the ankle straps between the left and right binding to create custom response. Ride with the ankle straps in Freeride mode for more lateral support and board response or flip the straps into Surf Mode for solid heel support, but more ankle flexibility for getting loose.

The new Asym Flax / Carbon Wide Back is a composite high back featuring an extended width upper half for improved turn response. No more falling out of your highback on hard toe-side turns. The Wide Back keeps your boot top locked into your binding driving more power to your edges as you initiate a turn. The Wide Back is also pre-rotated five degrees to better follow your leg angles as you bend and pivot. The multi-position forward lean block offers rock solid support in any setting and the Flax /3K Carbon Fiber construction blends the ultralight stiffness of carbon with the superior sustainability of natural Flax fiber.

The Wide Back is the ultimate highback for freeriders that are serious about technical turn performance. 

  • Pre-rotated five degrees
  • Highback Flex Rating: 9

Jones Snowboards Mercury Binding, Black

All-mountain free-surf binding for solids, ideell for freestyle, freeride og puddersurfing.