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45NRTH Dillinger 5, 26 x 4.8 Studded 120tpi

45 North Dillinger 26x4.8 studded 120 tpi. Dillinger 5 is the larger cousin of the original studded fatbike tire. 258 lightweight studs with concave carbide tips and aluminum bases allow you to rail icy, off-camber singletrack with confidence and control.

45NRTH Dunderbeist 26x4.6,120tpi tubeless, Black

Kvalitetsdekk for fatbike fra 45NRTH. 26 x 4.6.tommer, 120 tpi (threads pr. inches). Tubeless ready. Dunderbeist er det ultimate styredekk på snø med optimalt grep. Dekket er spesielt utviklet for bruk som bakdekk.

45NRTH Flowbeist 26x4.6 120tpi tubeless, Black

Kvalitetsdekk fra 45NRTH for fatbike. Tubeless. 26 x 4,6 tommer, 120 tpi (threads pr. inches). Flowbeist er det ultimate styredekket med på snø med optimalt grep. Spesielt utviklet for bruk som frontdekk.

45NRTH Gravdal Studded Tire 700C x 38, 120tpi

252 studs are carefully positioned across the 700c x 38mm casing profile to yield a level of confidence and safety never before seen in a commuter tire. Siped tread lugs and oval-shaped stud groupings provide exceptional cornering, braking and acceleration traction. Run the Gravdal at minimum pressure for unmatched traction performance, and maximum pressure for a quieter and faster ride on clean roads. Welcome to the world of high-performance commuter tires.

45NRTH Vanhelga 26 x 4.0 120tpi Tubeless, Black

Tubeless-ready aggressive fatbike tire designed for trail riding in loose snow, Vanhelga brings traction technology to an entirely new level. Dual compound rubber lengthens tread life in the center of the tire while enhancing cornering control on the sides. Triple-siped shoulder knobs boost traction on ice.

Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.5, 60 tpi, Black

Inspirert av rittvinneren fra Kenda, Millville 2, sitter dette fatdekket godt på alle underlag, uansett terreng. Vekt: 1568 gram.

Kenda Juggernaut Pro Tire 26 x 4.0, Black

Kenda Juggernaut Pro Tire 26 x 4.0' Tubeless Ready Folding Bead, Black. Vekt: 836 gram.

Surly Big Fat Larry 26x4.7, 120tpi

The Larry tread applied to a very large casing. This tire measures about 4.7˝ on a 100mm rim! What does this mean to you? Float, float, float, my friend. Traction, Jackson. Larry tread provides good grab and steering in a multitude of conditions. For those of you looking for the maximum in traction and floatation, you have just found the mother lode.

Surly Knard 26x3.8, 120tpi

Surly Bikes Knard 26x3.8 120 tpi offers the same tread as the other Knard-tires; it's a web of closely spaced blocks designed to grab terrain and hold it hostage until it`s done with it. Made on the same casing size as Surlys Nate and Larry tires, these tires occupy a unique place in the line-up: faster, less loose-dirt-and-mud oriented than the Nate 3.8, more point-n-shoot than Larrys or Endomorphs, and definitely more dirt than Black Floyds.