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Surly Ted Trailer Short Bed

You are looking at Surlys Ted trailer. It is 32 inch long and 24 inch wide. Ted is basically the same as Surlys Bill trailer but shorter. It`s made of TIG-welded cro-moly steel for strength and long life. Surly has studied a lot of other trailers and thought about what they want out of a general purpose trailer. From it´s construction to all the details, they are proud to offer you a trailer you can use for a long, long time to carry all kinds of stuff. When you don`t need it, it easily disconnects from your bike and when you`re ready to use it again it attaches just as quick and stays attached until you remove it.

Surly has added threaded mounting points for decking, corner stakes or for adding custom-built pieces. The wheels are strong, with stainless steel spokes and hardware, aluminum rims and durable, fast-rolling 16x1.95 tires. Their hitch system is designed to be as universal as possible. This hitch will likely fit your bike. It works with full-suspension frames, disc brakes, rear racks and fenders. It adjusts to accommodate hub widths from 120 -145mm and allows you to align the centerline of the trailer on the centerline of the bike. It will work with bikes that have wheels as small as 20 and as large as 29 while keeping the bed level with the ground. This is especially important when you are hauling long items that hang off the back of the trailer (lumber, tubing, ladders, etc.).

NOTE I: the Bill and Ted hitch is sold separately. You need this in correct length to use your trailer.

Note II: In most cases you would just need the Hitch Mount nuts that are sold separately under # BT0019. However, the Nexus IGH uses a 3/8 x 26tpi threading, and Surly nuts are only available with a M10 x 1 thread. So, unfortunately Surly trailer axle nuts do not work on Nexus hubs.