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Contour Hybrid Easy Splitboard skins, 180 cm

70/30 Nylon/Mohair fell spesialtilpasset for splitboard, med universal tilpasning for alle splitboard uten split tail. Fellene kommer i 180 cm lengde som tilpasses brettets lengde. Bredden på fellene er 135mm. Fellene har vinklet toppfeste slik at de skal følge brettet perfekt. Framfestet har borrelås. Bakfeste er en fast Metal Buckle Framfeste som monteres etter at du har kuttet og tilpasset fellene. Bakfeste og fellekniv følger med.

Karakoram Air-Form Ankle Strap Set

Tired of foot pain and numb feet from your straps? The AirForm ankle strap conforms to your boot with independent compression pods eliminating pressure points and allowing for pinch-point free flex. Keep your feet happy and boots snug in your bindings while touring and riding.

Karakoram Ankle Strap, Left

Universal ankelstropp venstre, til Karakoram Split30 eller Prime-binding.

Karakoram Ankle Strap, Right

Universal ankelstropp høyre, til Karakoram Split30 eller Prime-binding.

Karakoram Climbing Wires (short)

Karakoram Short Climbing Wires for Split30 dual riser base to increase your touring efficiency on flatter terrain.

Karakoram Flip Speed Riser

Karakoram Flip Speed Riser til Prime-bindinger.

Karakoram Prime Carbon Blue, Medium (8.5-11)

The ultimate go-to splitboard bindings for the most elite snowboarders in the world - Jeremy Jones, Forrest Shearer, Mitch Tölderer, and more. This is Karakorams lightest binding, this is a precision engineered workhorse you can count on. Whether you ride spines in AK, couloirs in the Arctic Circle, or your favorite powder stash in your backyard, the Prime-X Carbon will keep you grinning from ear to ear.

Weighing in at less than 700 grams you will be cruising up with ease while slaying everthing in front of you on the way down!

Included: Bindings, Interface Kit (Solid-Ride, Tour Mode, Flip-Speed Riser w/ Heel-Lock), Airstraps and AirForm Toe Straps, and free Flex-Lock.