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Bones Bearings Super Reds 10pk

Kartong med 10 esker med Bones Super Reds Bearings, hvor hver eske har kulelager til ett brett (8 stk.) dvs. totalt 10 esker med kulelager til 10 brett.

Bones Speed Cream 10pk

Bones Speed Cream is a high temperature, low viscosity synthetic skate lubricant specially formulated by Bones to reduce friction, and provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect against corrosion. Bones have found this lubricant to be superior to Teflon based lubricants in skate environments. Speed Cream R.F. makes your bearings faster and is very long lasting.

Bones Wheels Bushing Assorted Black POP 10 set

Pop-eske med 10 sett med Bones Wheels Assorted Bushings Black.

Bones Wheels Bushings Soft White/Blue POP 30 set

Pop-eske med 30 sett Bones Wheels Soft White/Blue bushings.

Bones Wheels Hard White/Black bushing POP, 10 set

Sett med 10 stk. pakker Bones Wheels bushings, hard white/black.

Bones Wheels Medium Black/Yellow bushings, 30 set

Pop-eske med 30 sett Bones Wheels Medium bushings Black/Yellow.