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Portland Design Works Bindle Rack

Take it easy, but take it - Woody Guthrie. The Bindle Rack is a seatpost mounted rack designed to easily carry your gear or a stuff sack on multi-day cycling tours or just across town. The rack is constructed with lightweight alloy and mounts to your bike's seatpost in seconds using a 5mm Allen key. Heavy-duty compression straps loop through your saddle rails to carry the weight and secure your load. The Bindle? Rack helps prevent side-to-side sway while riding and rear wheel rub for riders with short seat posts.

Place your tent, compressed sleeping bag, stuff sack or other gear directly onto Rack platform and pull the compression straps tight to secure the load up against the bottom of your saddle.


Salsa Alternator Rack Wide (170mm)

The Alternator Rack Wide is the rear rack solution for Salsa Mukluk fatbikes. Maximum weigh recommendedt: 15 kg. Load up your panniers, get off the beaten track, and start exploring!

Salsa Anything Cage HD, Black w/straps

Dette utradisjonelle sykkel-racket gir deg et fleksibelt fraktesystem for feste av lettere gjenstander eller større vannflasker på sykkelen, slik at du kan utvide rekkevidden på sykkelturen din og gjøre den mer variert. Enten du er på tur, bikepacking eller oppdagelsesferd, vil Anything Cage være med på å utvide sykkelens bruksområde.

NB! På sykler med dempegaffel kan racket festes med slangeklemmer fra f.eks Biltema på gaffelbeinet, men må ikke strammes for mye. Da vil vandringen på gaffelen påvirkes, og pakninger kan bli ødelagt. Vekten på gjenstandene du frakter bør heller ikke være mer enn 1-2 kg, det vil si f.eks lette liggeunderlag, lett primaloft/dunjakke o.l, pakket i f. eks Salsa Anything Bag.


Salsa Anything Cage Straps 500mm, Black

Anything Cage Straps are the perfect width for our Anything Cage, but can also be used to strap stuff down on racks or wherever the heck you want to strap stuff. They cinch tight but easily release tension with a push of the buckle. Carry a couple with you for your planned or unplanned strapping needs.

Surly 24-Pack Rack, Black

If you like to ride useful bikes, racks make a lot of sense. Surly`s 24-Pack Rack ups the useable cargo space from their 8-Pack Rack, providing more real estate for more stuff: more beer, more food, more random bits from the hardware store, more whatever. It?s manufactured from cromoly tubing and uses the same stainless steel hardware supplied with Surly´s rear touring rack. And it offers the same height adjustability, so you can keep your cargo close to the ground and stable. It has plenty of braze-ons, too, so you can customize how you secure your cargo?or just light your bike up like the space station.

The 24-Pack Rack attaches to most forks that feature mid-blade and crown eyelets. It gives you a stable, rigid assembly upon which you might place your burden. No one likes a sweaty back and a sore ass, so take your stuff out of that messenger bag and put it on the front of your bike.


Surly 8-pack Rack, Black

Most of you don?t need the cargo capacity to land a helicopter on your rack. Sometimes, all you want to do is grab a sixer, from the beer store on the way home, or pick up a nice bouquet of flowers. For whatever the situation dictates, Surly offer the 8-Pack Rack. Made from the same tubular cromoly steel as their front and rear touring racks, the 8-Pack Rack is a solid pedestal upon which you may rest a handlebar bag, grocery bag, minaudiere, satchel?or whatever you use to carry your bowling ball around.

The 8-Pack Rack attaches to most forks with mid-blade and crown eyelets. It uses stainless steel hardware and has the characteristic durability, versatility, and repairability all Surly products are known for. The 8-Pack Rack has lots of barrel braze-ons, so you can customize your cargo tie-downs?or just bolt on as many lights as you can possibly find.


Surly Front Rack 2.0, Black

Surly Racks are well-thought-out, durable, expedition-worthy racks that work with most panniers. While Surlys racks aren´t limited solely to heavy duty touring, that is what they were designed for.

Surly JunkStrap 120cm (6 pk), Black/Stainless steel

Surlys Junk Straps are basically really long toe straps. They`re 120cm woven nylon with a stainless steel buckle. Surly had them made to their specifications to ensure that they work well and last a long time. They`re easy to use and they stay tight. Once you?re ready, loosening them is quick and easy. They`re light, pack small, and securely and conveniently attach all kinds of stuff to your rack, basket, handlebar, backpack, under your seat, around your thigh, just about anyplace. Use them to secure small dogs to your child. If your buddy breaks his leg, you can use a few to hold a splint in place while you drag him out of the woods. Wear one as a stylish belt (if your waist is smaller than 120cm). You can combine them for even longer straps. Available singly with a header card and in 6 packs with no header.