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45NRTH Sturmfist 4

Varenummer: GL180

45NRTH Sturmfist 4finger er en høst- og vintersykkelhanske med fire fingre, der lillefinger og ringfinger er slått sammen. Hansken har dobbelkonstruksjon som er vind- og vanntett. Innerhanske i 100 % merinoull sørger for fuktighetstransport og komfort. Håndleddet på hansken er stort og elastisk slik at det skal kunne dras over jakken. Fôr i 300gr Polartec® Alpha på oversiden og Aerogel på håndflate og over fingertuppene.

By joining superior fabrics and insulation technologies together for the first time, Sturmfist 4 provides unmatched performance, making it the finest winter cycling glove ever made. Double glove construction, wind and water resistant, 100% merino wool liner for moisture control and comfort, large elasticated wrist gauntlet fits over jacket cuff for protection, finger length tailored for cycling fit to maximize insulation performance, suede nose wipe on thumb.

Merino Wool
Originating from the Merino breed of sheep, this wool is naturally very fine and soft to the touch, while also having an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio from microscopic cortices of dead hair that trap body heat and store moisture. When wet, this wool can absorb 30% of it’s weight in water before feeling wet to the touch, making it an excellent insulator in the harshest of conditions. In addition to all these benefits, merino is also naturally antibacterial, making it excellent for multi-day excursions.

Aerogel insulation
With its nano-sized air pockets that block cold and heat, aerogel is an ultra-thin, compression-resistant and waterproof insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid. It is the same insulation NASA uses to protect astronauts and sensitive equipment on missions to outer space. Created by extracting the liquid from silica gel, aerogel produces a strong, durable and flexible material that is up to five times more effective than traditional thermal insulation. Other insulation materials require loft to insulate. Aerogel does not need loft to deliver its high insulation value, making it an ideal insulator between cold metal cleats and the bottom of your feet.

Waterproof-Breathable Membran
An ultra-thin sheet of microporous material behind our textile shells keeps you dry and warm in the harshest weather conditions. Liquid water molecules from outside of the garment are larger than vapor molecules created by body heat from the inside. The microscopic pores are smaller than liquid water molecules, but larger than vapor molecules. As a result, waterproof-breathable membranes stop liquid from the outside, but release vapor from the inside for thermal and moisture regulation.


INSUATION: 300g Polartec® Alpha Insulation, Aerogel Insulation
OUTER SHELL: Polartec® Neoshell
PALM: Pittards® Goat Leather
SHELL LINING: 100% Merino wool
REMOVABLE LINER: 250g Merino wool (also available separately for spares)
SIZES: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (7, 8, 9, 10)

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, mild detergent. Do not bleach. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not wring or twist. Use caution near heat sources as direct heat may damage gloves.